Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Breaking Bread: The Revolution Begins at Home

“An Unwelcome Guest” by Vittorio Reggianini
Breaking Bread
The Revolution Begins at Home

The Holidays are drawing near

and it is hard to think

of something which I'm thankful for

not at the chasm's brink.

While the D.C. Nouveau Versailles

champagne flutes toast and clink,

we Country Class have watched our cheer

and living standard sink.

And so I say the day has come

to draw stark line in sand,

to cast vote of “No Confidence”,

to no more extend hand,

to let the chips fall where they may,

to loose horse from its stable,

to say to those who wish us ill -

“you're not welcome at my table.”

If you voted for Barry O.

and don't think it mistake,

if you claim that your rights extend

to bread which I will break,

if what's mine should be your “fair share”

as told in Marxist fable,

petulance is the dish you bring -

you're not welcome at my table.

If you think Cloward-Piven is

a right-wing tactic scare,

as is all talk of Alinsky,

Soros, Bernanke, Ayers,

if your neighbors are “racists” who

deserve the “Teabag” label,

ignorance is the dish you bring -

you're not welcome at my table.

If you're what Codevilla called

one of our “Ruling Class,”

believe you're “best and brightest” in

each room through which you pass,

think all mankind must be “improved”

and that you're the most able,

arrogance is the dish you bring -

you're not welcome at my table.

But if the lives of others you

leave well enough alone,

know government will bait its hook

to bow you to its throne,

know The Good Life is diff'rent for

each of your Countrymen,

then sit and break some bread with me

and we'll begin again.

















































Breaking Bread, Copyright © 2013 Papa Possum

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