Friday, August 12, 2011

Rice: A Vote of "No Confidence."

United States emergency relief rice (February 13, 2010)
A Vote of “No Confidence.”

Each day I watch our leaders lie,

and lie with no remorse,

and drag our country further down

The Cloward-Piven course.

They promise a Utopia

once we share sacrifice.

I can't believe a word they say,

so me, I'm storing rice.

Canned goods are fine, and pasta too,

while some like M.R.E.,

but storage space and shelf life make

rice make most sense to me.

It fits in bins of any size,

can stack to ceiling heights,

and complements my outlaw stash

of incandescent lights.

Friends first thought it extreme now each

reluctantly agrees,

these Marxists aim to kill the goose

that feeds our families.

They spend and print and print and spend

and Keynes' nonsense quote,

so with each bag I buy, I cast

a “No Confidence” vote.

Historia fills page on page

with each game that they play.

Though few dare call it treason, we

all think it anyway.

Loud they plump their Utopia,

demand more sacrifice,

and demonize who dare dissent,

and me, I'm storing rice.

































Rice, Copyright © 2011 Papa Possum

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