Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, O Dear Leader, Year Two

Carnival scene at the court of Versailles (1763)
Happy Birthday, O Dear Leader,
Year Two
The Peasants' Birthday Wish;
Still Not Kneeling

It's dear leader's second birthday

as the President and so

dread king soros will fête him

at D.C.'s Versailles Nouveau.

The courtiers invited are the

ruling class noblesse:

celebrities, and ivy league, and

congressmen, and press.

The staff has laid the place settings

and set up the buffet

to whet their far left appetites

with golden goose flambé.

And games wait in the garden

for their tastes refined and haute,

like “Taxpayer Piñata” and

“Pin Blame on the Scapegoat”.

And since He's their messiah

they've set up a birthday tree

and decked it with the Founders

all strung up in effigy.

And as fête turns to soirée,

to extend their merriments,

they'll light a bonfire of our Flags

and Founding Documents.

Then, as Nero played for Bacchus,

gathered with his marxist chums,

they'll grave dance in the firelight

like November never comes.

But those outside, not kneeling

for a cake crumb from the dish,

cry, “History remembers all!”...

the Peasants' Birthday Wish.