Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little Billy Pipebomb

Old FBI wanted poster for SDS members
Little Billy Pipebomb
A commentary on the life and times
of a friend of The New Regime,
Mr. Bill Ayers.

Little Billy Pipebomb

had a very misspent youth,

forecasting Weather Underground,

a terrorist for “Truth”.

He and his buddies set their sights

to take the system down,

then bombed the cops and then

The Congress and The Pentagon.

Billy never went to prison

'cause he took it on the lam,

and while he hid the things he did

he hatched some other plans,

like teaching Marx to kids,

launching political careers,

a fuzzy “reformed” terrorist

with a bunch of crazy years.

But on the day The Towers fell,

there in The New York Times,

was Little Billy Pipebomb's wish

he had done further crimes.

His policies are in our schools,

he's launched a President,

yet no one talks of Billy Pipebomb

and his very youth misspent.