Friday, March 20, 2009

Now in the Center Ring

Poster: “The great Forepaugh & Sells Brothers shows combined” (1899)
Now in the Center Ring
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

Ladies and Gents, I urge you now,

turn toward the center ring,

and trust your eyes when they perceive

a deft and skillful thing.

The apex of ventriloquy

now for your wonderment,

it's Barry O., The Famous

Prompter Puppet President!

Dramatic pause and turn of phrase

of focus grouped sound bytes

all skim across the prompter's face

and Barry O. recites!

A soaring speech, a harsh rebuke,

a sad and somber tone,

a most amazing act because

the words are not his own!

His mouth it moves, his voice it speaks

with scripted savoir-faire,

leaving those less charmed to ask,

“who put the words in there?”

Axelrod? Emanuel?

George Soros (our King)?

'Cause when the prompter is turned off,

he can't say anything.

Just “um”s and “ah”s and stammers

as he picks each word with care,

in hopes he will not channel

Reverend Wright or William Ayers.

And when it's on he'll staunchly read

any text off the shelf

with no concern to content, heck,

he'll even thank himself.

But wizards never share their tricks,

illusionists, the same,

and con men never tip you off

to how they run the game.

So just relax, enjoy the show,

and watch as everything

Americans once held so dear

is run from circus rings.