Sunday, June 9, 2013

Foreign and Domestic

General Carter F. Ham being sworn into office as the Commanding General, U.S. Army Europe by Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen on August 28, 2008.
Foreign and Domestic
The Primary MOS. A pre-Appeal...

When in the course of human events

a government makes clear

it is not bound by the same rules

it makes all else adhere,

when Citizens with grievance it

portrays as angry mob,

less-Free Men whisper, voices low,

“Armed Forces, do your job.”

When tax collectors tyrants tell

target any dissent,

while loyal propagandist pets

broadcast red herring scent

to demonize The People who

their masters rack and rob,

less-Free Men dare to speak out loud,

“Armed Forces, do your job.”

When Oath and Office are abused

as glib oblige noblesse,

when scandals fast and furious flow

yet no perp need confess,

when Generals, Admirals, Whistlers

are sacked lest they raise hob,

less-Free Men shout with last free breath,

“Armed Forces, do your job.”

With Right we damn this ruling class

inept, corrupt, absurd,

who swear their Oaths then “transform” us

from the First World to Third,

but You Who Serve that same Oath swore

yet watch without a sob

Barry and Ben's banana reign:

Armed Forces, do your job.

Lest to Heaven We Slaves Appeal,

Armed Forces, do your job.