Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chopenhange: A commentary of the campaign promises of The New Regime.

“&lquo;Ghost&rquo; Town” by Dick Rowan - NARA (May 1972)
A commentary on the campaign promises of the New Regime.

A little town called Freedom

once stood out on the range

when a wagon steered

into the square

with the banner, “Chopenhange!”

The wagon was well worn,

its mule overcome with mange,

still the wagon stopped,

and set up shop

to sell some Chopenhange.

The Barker started calling, “Oyez!

People, what will you exchange?

Absolve your Sin!

Ring Justice in!

All with some Chopenhange!”

He motioned to a row of bottles

dusty, wondrous, and strange,

“I'll take anything

to which you cling

for an ounce of Chopenhange!”

The people offered up their treasures,

stupored, babbling, deranged:

Pride, and Health,

and Guns, and Wealth,

for a taste of Chopenhange.

The Barker took all of it gladly,

as this crisis he arranged.

And know: he lied.

Air was inside

the bottles of his Chopenhange.

The people stood there dumbstruck,

could they all have been shortchanged?

But The Barker weaved,

“You must believe

for there to be some Chopenhange!”

They lost their property and power,

every deed to every grange;



Elusive Chopenhange.

And here the story endeth,

Freedom gone, not rearranged.

So drink your cup,

you bought it up.

Here's to your Chopenhange!














































Chopenhange, Copyright © 2008 Papa Possum

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