Monday, June 14, 2021

The Four Goddesses and the Sea of Lies

Cabinet of Illegitimate President Joe Biden in April 2021
The Four Goddesses and the Sea of Lies
for the President, on his birthday

the dread king's claimed dominion

through a “fair election” guise,

and cast us all adrift once more

upon a sea of lies.

smeared us with insurrection

as conspirators of q

to cast midwit distraction

from his brazen purple coup.

placed senile hack as puppet

to fulfill malign intent

and cast unjustly into exile

rightful President.

then occupied our Capital

so ne'er to abdicate,

and cast us, the Deplorables,

as enemies of State.

So, although on sea of lies

I still will wish with no lament

a very happy birthday

to the real President.

No, neither will I leave the line

nor will I leave his side:

Soon breaking, at last, of the Dawn,

soon turning of the tide.