Saturday, July 4, 2020


Columbia reaching out to viewer. Original design for the “Be Patriotic” poster by Paul Stahr (ca. 1917-18)
'til the Neorenaissance or 'til the bitter end

These words are not bravado-born,

nor spoken as a threat,

but as a humble, grateful,

offered oath without regret.

A happy life and full I've led.

So, should my bill come due,

know: in your hour of need,

Columbia, I'll die for you.

The mob screams, “imperfection!,”

spurred on by the tyrant's hand.

But, all things are imperfect,

and you're last, best hope of man.

And since all men must die,

and Death with Meaning comes to few,

I'll take up Cap and Cause,

Columbia, I'll die for you.

I dream to see us Free, at Peace,

shrug off this night so long.

I dream to see the Morning,

and to hear Liberty's Song.

But still, my place in Dream I'll trade,

if that's what I must do.

If that's what Fate requires,

Columbia, I'll die for you.