Sunday, June 14, 2020

'Til Bitter End

President Donald J. Trump walks from the White House Monday evening, June 1, 2020
'Til Bitter End
for an ally and friend on his birthday

the enemy is on the field,

a specter's gathering:

the agents of unlightenment,

the host of the dread king.

brigades of dada acolytes

now riot, torch, and tear.

It's now the time for choosing sides:

the revolution's here.

they've locked us in our houses and

they've forced business to fail.

they've lev'raged a pandemic as

a last ditch martingale,

to coup d'etat the People,

to retain their shadow crown,

they call for us to kneel as

their mobs burn cities down.

they People against People pit

in hope that all will turn

against a Brother, Neighbor,

so their power might return,

then lay that chaos at the feet

of him they fear the most:

the target of this coup d'etat

waged by dread king and host.

Yes, now's the time for choosing sides,

and I chose long ago:

t'ward Providence, Historia,

and Liberty I go.

I stand with Ally on that field,

with President and Friend,

right 'til the Neorenaissance

or 'til the bitter end.