Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Coup d'État

Capture and Burning of Washington by the British, in 1814, wood engraving (1876).
Coup d'État
Stand Tall - for Independence Day

comey, mueller, schumer, schiff

scandalmonger, tar, and tiff

as pretext for intentions true,

this: this is a goddamned coup,

a shameless witch-hunt based in if -

comey, mueller, schumer, schiff.

obama, clinton, soros, son,

to overturn Election won,

plot revolt of purple hue.

Yes, this is a goddamned coup.

their revolution has begun -

obama, clinton, soros, son.

times, ap, post, cnn

smear and leak time and again,

propagandize, spin, and skew.

Yes, this is a goddamned coup.

deep state, elite, fake-news-men -

times, ap, post, cnn.

resistance, black-bloc, antifa -

soros-paid hysteria -

rampage in the avenue.

Yes, this is a goddamned coup.

shot Scalise in their mania -

resistance, black-bloc, antifa.

Dotcom, Page, Manafort, Stone

All want a hearing microphone,

All shunned for fear of what They knew

because this is a goddamned coup.

All Men who want much more Light shone -

Dotcom, Page, Manafort, Stone.

Names unmasked and servers hacked,

primary where the deck was stacked,

surveillance that leads back to who?

Of course this is a goddamned coup!

Seth Rich shot twice in the back,

Names unmasked and servers hacked.

So, on this Independence Day,

Deplorables, stand tall and say,

“nouveau versailles, watch what you do:

We know this is a goddamned coup

and We will fight back, come what may!”

Stand tall, this Independence Day!