Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Photo (cropped) of A Bitcoin mining farm. Taken by Marko Ahtisaari (June 14, 2014)
A Pleb Anthem.

all the

forces arrayed now against us: de–

luded with boundless malevolence,

spiteful and nihilist midwits, pre–

tenders to fathomless knowledge, a–

bout them, Columbia, Sisters, Hi–

storia, Liberty, Providence,

guide this mere pen of mine eager to

scribble to you song of homage. the

forces of fiat now gathered, le–

viathan 'voured their virtue, dis–

cordia rules their emotions with

promise of cantillon plunder, with

bacchian-keynesian orgy de–

stroying all concept of value, with

plutonic path to a future of

free and good will torn asunder. said,

“vae, all you vassal Plebeians, in–

dentured between now our grindstones, the

scylla-charybdis of fiat: in–

flation and onerous taxes!” said,

“kneel before our distortions, there's

nothing now sure as were Rai stones!” said,

“lay down your lives to our warfare in

coffers of resetting's axis!” Co–

lumbia weeps for her children, and

points to Polaris as guidance. Hi–

storia wearies of writing the

same foolish story of empire. So,

Providence blessed on a paper: di–

stributed hash independence. And

Liberty spun up the voices: a

“million nodes proving their work” choir. It

drowns out the forces of fiat's un–

certainty mongering rumor, and

fear of reprisals from tyrants en–

forcing the keynesian model, and

doubt that is key to their system that

stifles all talent and humor. It

rises as hope in the darkness: es–

cape from their shackling twaddle. So,

heed this Plebeian Defiance as

answer to fiat's mad throng: from my

closet the hum of a miner in

concert with Liberty's Song.













































The image used to illustrate this rhyme is covered by
the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.
This license applies only to the image and not to the piece itself.