Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A sea serpent from Olaus Magnus' book Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus (History of the Northern Peoples, Rome, 1555).
The Left's Ultimate Social Contract.

The fruit of all your labor

is full forfeit to Its will.

The bread earned for your infant's mouth,

instead Its maw must fill.

Those guilty of ability

serve sentence to Its need.

A new day has arisen and

Leviathan must feed.

Of, by, and for The People

is a quaint concept of old.

The Stewards you elected

have Your Constitution sold.

So bow to Its New Order

and Its sovereign mandate heed:

all things exist for It alone,

Leviathan must feed.

Don't bleat at It your “freedoms”

like a stupid, naïve youth.

Don't ask It, “What's for dinner?”,

if you can not bear the truth.

Don't bore It with your hardships

and of how you sweat and bleed;

your role now is to sacrifice,

Leviathan must feed.

Do not question your betters,

and do not forget your place.

Don't pine above your station,

humbly serve this god with grace.

Lie back upon Its altar,

and renounce your selfish greed,

accept your fate, and bare your throat,

Leviathan must feed.