Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Common Sense

English Bulldog Sir Antony from Dalziel's British Dogs by Wood (1889)
Common Sense
Unleash the bulldog.

Once, thirteen British colonies

faced arbitrary laws

and Englishman, one Thomas Paine,

stood champion for cause.

A pamphlet against mad king george

and right divine pretense

he published in those colonies

and called it “Common Sense.”

And now, the British people face

much of the same today:

capricious and elitist laws,

diktats from far away,

no representatives to speak,

a new mad george as king,

and old east block euroviets

to rule on ev'rything.

So, let this Yank of meager pen

in some small way return

the favor great that Mr. Paine

did pay to our concern.

For we as well face same mad king;

your fight is our fight too:

will Sov'reignty survive this night

or bow to order new?

And so this common sense I send

to ev'ry Sov'reign Brit:

where our dear leader barry points,

best run the opposite;

when our and their and your elites

all mouth the mad king's voice,

it should at once be obvious

which vote's the better choice.

And vote you shall: will Britainers

or eurocrats hold sway?

And though brussels would wear a frown,

vote Your Mind anyway.

Your land once green and pleasant has

too long not seen the sun.

So shout you “Brexit!” to the skies;

unleash the bulldog; run.

As brothers once, so brothers still,

yes, brothers all and one,

I say, “shout ‘Brexit!’ to the skies;

unleash the bulldog; run.”