Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, O Dear Leader: I'm Not Kneeling

US Postage stamps of Boston Tea Party (July 4th, 1973)
Happy Birthday, O Dear Leader
I'm Not Kneeling

Happy Birthday, O Dear Leader,

and on this, your glorious day,

if I were a kneeling peon,

I'd wish that all things go your way:

that our evil land be humbled

so Utopia might flower,

that our economy be leveled

to secure your seat of power,

that your detractors be punished

so your Marxist Will be done,

that your drones stay loyal, sleeping.

Happy Birthday, O Dear One.













Happy Birthday, O Dear Leader, Copyright © 2009 Papa Possum

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  1. For your next, how about something e e cummings. Let's push the envelope! We're the ORIGINAL rebels, remember?

    1. I can only be me.
      But, thanks for reading.


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