Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Nutmeg Curtain

President Ronald Reagan at Checkpoint Charlie (June 11, 1982)
The Nutmeg Curtain
Qui transtulit, sustinet.

A bold communique to those

who opted to remain,

who valued less their Liberty

than where they called their home -

look to the words upon your flag,

their meaning ascertain,

“Qui transtulit, sustinet,” large

above your state house dome.

Official words now needing men

to translate and explain,

yet time is now when meaning new

is what should be inferred.

The meaning is still, “He who has

transplanted, does sustain,”

but the direction is not to,

now from's the better word.

So belongings, pack what you can,

leave bank your deed and key,

post large an “Out of Business” sign -

you soon must anyway -

tell those you trust you're fleeing for

a shot at Liberty,

then slip the nutmeg curtain, leave

the marxists their decay.

Flee elections decided by

a bag of ballots found.

Flee Codevilla's ruling class

and their one party reign.

Flee elite state house masterminds

who think you Doodle crowned

and mock online as you plea for

each Right which they disdain.

Flee their belief that you exist

for their omelettes, an egg,

for social justice tinkering

on which you foot the bill -

a piggy bank to tax and fine

and fee until you beg,

then scorn and cow with guilt and sin

when you bring up Free Will.

Flee tragedies turned politic

by those who seek control.

Flee marxism's death spiral which

you know must come to pass.

Think on John Galt and what he'd do:

find that strength in your soul -

then slip the nutmeg curtain, leave

the marxists their morass.

A bold communique to those

who opted to remain:

slip the nutmeg curtain -

“He who has transplanted, does sustain.”