Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Radio Free America

Jan Nowak-Jeziorański broadcasting for Radio Free Europe (May 3, 1952)
Radio Free America
The Spirit of Talk Radio

Through tube, and wire, and solid-state,

through antenna and air,

to iron-curtain back-rooms hid

from each informant's stare,

for their not yet conquered oppressed

the sounds of Liberty

came broadcast over pirate wave:

a voice, Radio Free.

As so today, past rhetoric,

static, deflection, lie

that Spirit, despite demagogues,

refuses yet to die,

a voice that speaks of turning tides,

a land of Liberty -

there's a voice on the radio;

it sounds a lot like me.

A voice at ev'ry turn besmirched,

misquoted, and maligned

as hate-speech Country bumpkin talk

best squelched by mastermind,

a voice that shouts “This ruling class

brings, at best, tyranny!” -

there's a voice on the radio;

it sounds a lot like me.

Yes, through tube, wire, and solid-state,

through Internet and air,

through our own not conquered oppressed

that voice is speaking there -

Radio Free America -

our pirate frequency:

there's voices rising everywhere;

they sound a lot like me.