Monday, February 4, 2013


Soviet gun control propaganda poster (1918)
Whenever Fascists Find a Fulcrum

It's thesis and antithesis;

divide, conquer, and rule;

dialectics hegelian;

raw tragedy as tool:

in Innocent Lives slaughtered

by a madman at a school,

we've found the fulcrum that we need

to finally snatch the Jewel.

So bang the drum of demagogue,

build high the purging pyre,

muster the useful idiots,

cast Reason as denier,

seize all we ruling class despise,

fan fat the frenzied fire,

lurch forward toward utopia,

tread all Dissent to mire.

Come, comrades, our progressive dawn

is just 'round the next bend!

There all are rich and beautiful

and hip to ev'ry trend!

Don't mind the Bones ground underfoot,

it's just means to the end!

Forward... despite the dread you're next

with no means to Defend.