Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, O Dear Leader, Year Three

Performing arts poster for Charles H. Yale's everlasting Devil's Auction (1904)
Happy Birthday, O Dear Leader,
Year Three
STILL Not Kneeling,
It's Bamster Birthday Time!

Put on your Red Party beret,

throw your fist in the air:

it's Clubhouse Pennsylvania Ave's

huge rally of the year!

Compose Our Dead Leader your card

in slavish verse and rhyme,

alert the fawning, Marxist Press:

it's Bamster Birthday Time!

Come laugh with every dancing clown

from his Czar Cabinet,

there's donkey rides for one and all:

authentic Soviet.

Why scavenger hunt for a job,

gorge on taxpayer dime,

come kick the can of Mean Old Bush:

it's Bamster Birthday Time!

Join Reverend Wright as he leads cheers

about America,

while William Ayers lights fireworks

and pyrotechnica,

try Michelle's “Don't let them eat cake

unless partner in crime”,

Our Dread King's playing “Soros Sez...”:

it's Bamster Birthday Time!

But, of course if you're one of those

not kneeling, stubborn few,

those loons who love America,

this party's not for you.

It's for our chosen Left Elite

not you who toil in grime,

so shut your face and foot the bill:

it's Bamster Birthday Time!