Wednesday, February 9, 2022


Orange Pilled Canada Flag
(Horn and Hum)

A song in waste of winter,

of bitter, icy hob,

of five-eyes and elites sold out

to soros, xi, and schwab,

with four of those eyes pummeled shut,

with last fist 'bout to fall,

a song in waste of winter

for Those now at the wall.

The Brexit Vote has been thrown out,

U.S. Election gamed,

Australia now runs covid camps,

New Zealand does the same,

in d.c. there's a dungeon now,

a MAGA oubliette.

this is the new world order.

this is the great reset.

And now, it's time for Canada

to be brought into line:

the People there have risen up,

refused to bend the spine.

So, fidel's little bastard kid,

in dead of winter's waste,

sent jackboots to seize gas and food,

had gofundme erased.

But Hod'lers then gave their response,

Word went from Pleb to Pleb,

and Sats flowed in from ev'ry Node

of Bitcoin's Lightning web.

And what will happen now or next,

not one of us can know,

but Diesel Shofars ring the waste

of winter's jericho.