Wednesday, September 2, 2015

This Day

Athanasius Kircher's Map of Atlantis (ca. 1669)
This Day

Meet me this day each year, my friend,

'neath pines remote and mountains grand,

in valley bright to cast your lot

and shrug off ev'ry unjust hand,

where value yours for value mine

is glad, unanimous demand.

Yes, meet me there and bring your Skill,

your Wares, your Love, your Self, your Mind.

Bring forth your Pearls and trade with me,

(or not), and I shall do in kind.

Post bold their price. Proclaim their worth.

Those who would sneer are left behind.

Meet me this day at last, my friend,

'neath dappled sun and bowered gates,

'neath skies of Reasondawn and stars,

far from the claims of failed states.

Yes, meet me there and bring your Pearls...

Atlantis, your true home, awaits!