Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Basement Shelf

“By Dawn's Early Light” by Edward Percy Moran (1912)
The Basement Shelf
For Independence Day

The basement has a dusty shelf

and on that shelf I keep

the good things which I hope to use

before I'm dead and deep.

Untouched those things will stay until

through joyful tears I see

that Stripe'd and Star Spangled Day

we win back Liberty:

a collection of fireworks

to give red rockets glare,

a bottle of reserve port wine

to make a perfect pair

with fine cigars a bundle of

aged in a humidor,

and last - champagne, some Veuve Clicquot

meant for a toast to pour.

And though today's July the Fourth,

this day can't qualify:

Our Land's seized by a ruling class

who, like all marxists, lie,

who claim superior insight

while you and I are fool,

who claim our place is to obey

while their place is to rule.

So despite what today might be,

those marxists still make claim:

a tyranny still foul reeks

by any other name.

So today draw your children close,

gather your family,

and tell them of America

where men could once be free.

To them The Declaration read,

The Constitution too,

in Defiance the Gadsden raise

with the Red, White, and Blue,

stock for them then a basement shelf,

and safely store away

good things to ring their Freedom in

come Independence Day.