Saturday, May 21, 2022


NASA HS201427a Hubble Ultra Deep Field 20140603 (cropped)
The Near Infinite Boon

Guess a number, motherfuckers

of the fiat davoisie,

from one to all the atoms in

one billion galaxies,

and guess anew for ev'ry Soul

that you intend to ruin.

The Hero Cycle's spun again:

BIP-39's the Boon.

Each Human Soul can quote the words

of their own culture's songs,

repeat a bit the scripture of

the Faith t'which they belong,

recite a movie line, a poem –

some, Shakespeare and Sun Tzu –

and each can cite some blatant lie

told to their face by you.

Of all the words each Soul recalls,

the lyric and the lore,

a list of words is rather small

that numbers twenty-four,

yet represents an atom in

one billion galaxies –

The Boon: a Key safeguarding each

Soul's Life and Property.

The Bitcoin Blockchain is the Tree,

Its Network is the Creek,

the beastly belly: one's first dip

that winnows out the weak.

And we'll sit 'neath that Axis Tree

to offer Boon to all,

“Your sword and shield: twenty-four words.

Now, watch their empire fall.”