Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Debate

Burial of Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky in Moscow. Bolshevik Party leaders bearing the coffin. (July 30, 1926)
The Debate
Inspired by a work of E.F. and a quip of F.E.

stalin and trotsky took the stage

at a staged democrat debate

with agit-prop set to enrage,

demagogue, and manipulate.

stalin shrieked that this time was her turn,

trotsky mumbled, “feel,” nonsense, and “burn,”

as their audience tried to discern

the most marxist candidate.

stalin and trotsky, obdurate,

blathered their bloody marxist swill:

economic'lly illiterate,

but regarded as genius still.

stalin shrieked, “this village needs a mother!”

trotsky mumbled, “all kept by kept brother,”

as each tried to out-marx the other

for their fool electorate.

stalin and trotsky each a side

of a sham, wooden, two-assed coin:

a doomed doctrine where millions died,

and they still demand that all join.

stalin shrieked, “just ends and means of force!”

trotsky mumbled, “fat cat!” hobbyhorse,

as The People debated divorce

should at last at least be tried.