Monday, March 9, 2015

The Unlightenment

“The Sheepfold, Moonlight” by Jean-François Millet (1856 - 1860)
The Unlightenment
...and the Neo-Renaissance

The Lesson if unlearned remains,

then must all men repeat

the darkest days of serfdom toil

to idiot elite,

all Talent will be squandered and

worse into service pressed –

welcome to the unlightenment

of sunset in the West.

neo-scholastic masterminds,

fanatics of one book,

now manifesto-thump away

and claim our Rights mistook,

Self-sov'reignty as suspect, and

Natural Law as jest –

welcome to the unlightenment

of tyranny undressed.

they urge The Age of Reason shun,

become infantilized

with circuses, and bread, and

shibboleths best memorized

to rote recite when called upon

for making faith professed –

welcome to the unlightenment,

ignorance blissed and blessed.

Will you your Life surrender now

and bow to take this yoke,

accept this faith of guilt and sin

such masterminds invoke,

embrace this new unlightenment

of Truth and Self suppressed...

or join the Neo-Renaissance

and put this plot to rest?