Wednesday, August 1, 2018


Vintage Caravelle Transmitter-Receiver By Remco, Style 120, Made In USA, Circa 1962
Effect, Impact, Butterfly

Early 60's, Christmas Eve,

that's when this rhyme begins,

on how the smallest act can change

to where the Wheel spins:

A toy made in New Jersey,

then off to Missouri hurled,

was gifted that night to a son,

and that act changed the World.

A pilot in the last World War,

from family of Law,

moved by the Great Depression

and the hardship that he saw,

found worry for his namesake:

little kept his interest rapt

but Radio, a toy of which

was waiting Christmas wrapped.

Soon, son filled home with broadcasts

on that little radio

of top ten, and of ball games:

hobby he would not outgrow.

His Talent was apparent:

words flowed like a roaring brook.

Still, father worried as years passed

on path his son had took.

He knew not much was certain,

better then to hedge your bet

with family tradition -

but his son's mind had been set.

He feared where Country trended,

often he gave this doubt word,

and though his son refused the Bar,

loud this advice he heard.

Son fought through early failure,

for this passion was his choice.

And he fought 'til Sacramento

heard his name and heard his voice.

Then New York, syndication,

so in lunch rooms sea to sea,

he spread his father's wisdom

through his brilliant parody.

Now, way back on that Christmas Eve,

that father could not know

his gift to Freedom and the World

with gift of Radio.

So, know - your life is not too small,

just one butterfly wing:

a toy, a gift of parents' love,

can still change everything.