Thursday, April 19, 2018

Trial by Fire

Nineteenth-century illustration of colonial-era witch hysteria (including a witch flying on a broomstick) from A History of the United States of America, 1828
Trial by Fire
Burn the witch.

Some wrongs we do not speak out loud

nor teach about in school,

some shame so great we cannot bear

admit ourselves so cruel,

some horrors overwhelm

and so the mind mercif'lly blanks,

but today, twenty-five years ago,

the democrats rolled tanks.

Claiming it was “for the children,”

(as each claim often runs),

they plotted precedent

for government to grab our guns.

They rolled on Texas outcasts

of an oddball Christian sect

accused as doomsday sex cult

with no Rights they need respect.

It ends with church-home burning;

most inside went to the grave.

Indeed, most of those children

they claimed seige was meant to save.

Not Due Process; disarmament

was democrat desire.

So when they now speak of seizing guns...

expect trial by fire.