Friday, April 27, 2018


“Hop o' My Thumb,” by Heinrich Leutemann or Carl Offterdinger (End of the 19th century).
Bedside Monsters

As we've already told you,

Alfie can't come out to play.

So, cease now calling out his name

and kindly go away.

He's not to be disturbed

as he's already put to bed,

without a proper supper,

without kiss upon his head.

Don't try to change our minds now,

Alfie can't come out to play.

No, he's done nothing wrong,

but he's still punished anyway.

So, go home with your silly games,

and don't put up a fight:

he'll board no helicopter

and fly far away tonight.

As with his best mate Charlie,

Alfie can't come out to play.

realpolitik is diff'rent from

olympic game display

with happy, Sov'reign children

nurtured, cared for, smiling wide...

Yes, this is our final answer:

Alfie cannot come outside.