Monday, February 26, 2018

Peter's Boon

Photo (cropped) of Ouroboros - Alviella Goblet Mausoleum. Taken by WikiCommons user EmDee (May 27, 2012)
Peter's Boon
Puero Fortissimo, quoque Viro Fortissimo

The Call's always elusive

and it's often tempest borne,

and the chosen few to hear it

by their Love of Life are torn.

But the Hero always answers,

always Journey old begins,

always takes that one Step forward

as the Hero Cycle spins.

In the middle of a tempest,

and though he was just a kid,

Peter stepped up to the Mantle

while the elders mostly hid.

It was heavy. It was fearful.

But that Leadership he bore.

And for all his fleeing classmates,

Peter held open a door.

Sad, but in this Hero's Cycle,

our Hero did not return.

And now some elbow for a spotlight

while their fellows try to mourn.

But the Journey's never fruitless,

for this is the Cycle's plan -

Peter left to us his Hero's Boon:

the way to be a Man.

























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