Saturday, April 22, 2017

Going Green

Excavation of Red Terror victims outside the headquarters of the Kharkov Cheka in Kharkov, Summer 1919
Going Green
For (v.i. lenin's b)earth day

July the Fourth, Thanksgiving,

Christmas, Easter, Halloween,

each holiday you grew up with,

simple or byzantine,

all targeted by those who want

our order old wiped clean,

and in their stead holy day red,

“earth day” for “going green.”

On lenin's hundredth birthday,

(they deny that rationale),

they held a festival western

yet internationale.

Most celebrants were unaware

of history obscene:

those dead from lenin's terror red

in streets lay “going green.”

And lenin led to mao tse tung.

So, China then learned marx

with “hundred flowers” spy campaign,

with backyard furnace sparks,

with “great leap” into famine,

labor forced and stomachs lean:

those dead from mao's little book red

in camps lay “going green.”

And mao tse tung led to pol pot.

So, marxist civil war

came to Cambodia

with genocide of one in four,

with zero-year hysteria,

machete, and carbine:

those dead from pol pot's khmer red

in fields lay “going green.”

So, on to Philadelphia,

on that first “earth day” stage

was emcee ira einhorn,

eco-marxist, hippie sage.

But seven years from that “earth day,”

kept in his flat unseen,

ira's dead ex-girlfriend red

murdered lay “going green.”

All faiths require sacrifice,

marxism more than most:

“equality” of death its

true celebratory boast.

And so, its holy days must hide

all that its horrors mean:

those millions dead from “going red”

are millions “going green.”

So, happy “earth day” to you all.

Try not to think too hard

on what its meant to justify.

Buy into its canard.

Shun “incorrect” old holidays.

Embrace the new routine.

Deny the dread you're “going red”

like millions “going green.”