Sunday, September 11, 2016


Historic American Buildings Survey J. Alexander, Photographer August 1968 GAS LIGHT FIXTURE IN FRONT PARLOR - Grafton Tyler Double House, 1314 Thirtieth Street Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia, DC

In Manhattan, there's a landmark

tucked among the busy streets,

a graveyard soaked with tragedy and tear.

And some who visit ask themselves

and brave 'til thought completes

on what it is that's truly buried there.

An icon of all that we are

once stood that very ground:

America the Good, the Great, and yet

in a short span of fifteen years

some sleepwalk to a sound,

a soft but clear, “forget... forget... forget...”

It's a mass grave stacked with innocents.

It's a god-damned killing field.

It's our people, towers, country lost, and yet

those men who dance this world on strings,

in voice not quite concealed,

still whisper on, “forget... forget... forget...”