Sunday, October 18, 2015


Photo (cropped) of a glass window from 1968 by Frank Glaser in the Old Library in Berlin. Taken by WikiCommons user SpreeTom (July 16, 2011).
In Isto Signo Consumeris

The manufactured fanfare blares

with hyperbolic bray:

a social justice holy man,

soldier for the “third way,”

jesuit in franciscan robes,

evangel for the clime,

vicar of “neither marx nor Christ”

(yet both at the same time),

ideologue in fishing shoes

our hemisphere now becks.

Now comes dear leader's claim to pope.

Now comes the marxifex.

With manifesto rhetoric,

with scorn for Markets Free,

with “Holy See” now suffixed by

cyrillic “ccp,”

with standard new: in red for white,

in gold - a star for crown

and workers' tools for the crossed keys,

with Free Will upside-down,

with new religion for new world,

with all as its subjects,

now comes the melding of two faiths.

Now comes the marxifex.

The paparazzi palpitate,

reporters swoon and sway,

the ruling class play courtiers,

celebrities cliché,

tyrants queue up for their prestige,

congressmen weep and wring,

for when, at last, at the u.n.,

he'll kiss the new world ring.

But pews are empty, wallets close

as Country Class suspects

they've now got First Amendment case...

thanks to the marxifex.





































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the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
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