Thursday, June 11, 2015

Nakoula and the Little White Lie

Cell Block D isolation cells, Alcatraz (after 1933)
Nakoula and the Little White Lie
Re-election: means and ends

Christopher Stevens in a safe room sat,

besieged and surrounded by flame.

Dear Leader had claimed Libya was secure,

and so, no defense ever came.

Dear Leader that night in absentia sat,

election woes burning his brain.

Said a few words the next day, then hit Vegas

for his re-election campaign.

Jay Carney at the press podium stood

and tried to do damage control,

defended their policies, placing the blame

on an Internet video troll.

Nakoula Nakoula at his home was cuffed

and perp walked for cam'ras to see -

a hack of an artist, but an artist still,

deluded that Speech was still Free.

Susan E. Rice on five Sunday shows sat

and on each she defended their lie:

a hack of an artist with hack video

had caused four of our heroes to die.

Candy A. Crowley at the debate stood,

moderator only in name.

Defended Dear Leader on Benghazi, handing

him both the election and game.

Hillita Clintón at the hearing mic sat

and defended the use of their tale,

“... what difference does it make [now], Senator?”

while their patsy was sitting in jail.

Nakoula Nakoula in that cell was sat

for a year just to make that lie true:

Dear Leader's omelette had required an egg

for an urgent election rescue.

Where were those defenders of Free Speech?

Where were those defenders of Art?

Where were those defenders of Right to Dissent

of which ev'ryone could take their part?

Absent like the defense at Benghazi...

but means and ends answer us well:

if democrats ever need scapegoat your Art,

like Nakoula you'll rot in a cell.