Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day of the Dead

Resurrection Man and corpse; illustration from George WM Reynolds' The Mysteries of London, Vol II First Series. (1896)
Day of the Dead
Requiescant In Pace

All Hallows' Eve did come and leave,

November's finally here,

with children's smiles and candy piles

to add to harvest cheer.

Their parents beam but 'neath that gleam

there lurks a sense of dread,

for soon, they know, those laid below

rise for Day of the Dead

In Mexico, families go

to visit loved ones passed,

to pay respect, pause and reflect

that no one's life will last,

while in the North, we sally forth

to polling place remote,

while marxists red co-opt our dead

to cancel out our Vote.

That Soldier Brave his own Life gave

for Liberty and Vow,

that Grandma missed, that lost Love kissed

might vote democrat now.

That Sister, Frère, that Mother, Père,

that Hero in your eyes,

Family, Friends: just means to ends

to hijack the Franchise.

For we who see this perfidy

no mask the marxists don

will full erase true fascist face:

no mask will slip back on.

The Franchise wrecked, the disrespect;

it's long past time we said,

“Shout to the stars, ‘These Dead are Ours!’,

take back Day of the Dead!”