Monday, April 14, 2014

Black Hat Realtors

“Reitervorposten”, a scene from the Düsseldorf artist festivals. (1863)
Black Hat Realtors
“That villain said,
‘Give me the deed to your ranch
Or I'll blow you all to bits’”
- “Along Came Jones,” The Coasters

Obamanomics got you down

and don't know what to do?

A certain senator has got

a sweet land deal for you!

His offer you'd best not refuse.

Don't argue, haw, or hem.

Best turn your tail and run, or face

us in the blm!

We'll rustle cattle, tase your son,

throw your sick sister down.

With dogs and guns we'll threaten you

if you dare stand your ground.

We'll set up “First Amendment zones;”

tell you to corner stand.

Then we'll go play the jackboot thug

and seize claim to the land.

So go shout to the skies, “Kelo!,”

“Waco!,” or “Ruby Ridge!,”

our orders care not for your cries.

“Corruption!”? Not a smidge!

“A senator involved in a

Chinese Solar affair!”?

More Koch/Tea Party lies! Hey, look!

A turtle over there!